The Synod on Marriage and the Family has received a great deal of media coverage. The subject matter is of importance and interest to so very many people.

The Holy Father has asked for open and honest discussion and this has been very evident. Some comments have created hope for many while they have raised concern and consternation among others.

What sometimes gets overlooked is that this topic will be the subject of the Ordinary Synod to be held next year. There will continue to be study, discussion, and above all much prayer during the coming months.

Pope Francis continues to speak so often of mercy, of a welcoming Church with open doors. He talks that our laws, our structures must lead people to Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus is always what the Church is intended to foster.

I believe that our focus on Jesus should bring us deep peace. Sometimes we forget that Jesus is the Savior,that the Church is His! Let us put our trust in Jesus. Certainly Pope Francis gives us a constant example of this trust.

May God continue to bless and guide you.