How often do we take to heart the reality that the Gospel is the “Good News”? We read the Gospel or hear it read each week at Liturgy, we find many familiar passages, but how much does it impact our lives?

The message is there for us: God loves us, we have not been abandoned, Jesus has been sent by the Father to bring us salvation, eternal happiness!

These are not merely nice sentiments, they are profound truths. Do we reflect on them regularly? They bring us hope and reassurance in the midst of so much “bad news” which bombards us.

Please, please read, listen to the message of the Gospel. Pray over, meditate on God’s living word to us. This is not merely history but the Gospel is as current as today’s news. God continues to speak to us in the here and now.

Take heart, my friends, we are loved, we are a people of hope. Let us live and share this Good News.

God bless and keep you.