How terrible and disheartening it is to see on television newscasts or to read in the newspapers the accounts of so much violence.

On the international scene there were the barbaric beheadings of the two American journalists, the savage persecutions of so many Christians, and the continual fighting in Ucraine, the Holy Land, Iraq.

Domestically, there are so many shootings, beatings, physical attacks on persons. There is a lack of respect for human life and dignity.

Our Holy Father constantly prays and asks our prayers for peace, for a greater reverence for all human life. Prayer is so very necessary that hearts and minds may be touched with sensitivity and care for all human life.

Each one of us must daily read and reflect on the Gospel. Jesus’ words must penetrate our minds and hearts: “Love one another as I have loved you”.
As followers of Jesus we cannot be indifferent to His words, to His presence
In each of us. We must examine our lives and root out any inclinations to violence,to prejudice, to disrespect for any sister or brother.

Let us ask Jesus for the grace of conversion in all hearts.