I followed closely Pope Francis’ recent trip to Korea. He was so well received there and he made a profound impact on the people. A prominent man who is a self-proclaimed atheist wrote an article extolling Pope Francis and remarking that there was a tangible sense of the holy with the Pope’s presence and he remarked especially on Francis’ striking humility.

As I thought about his impact on the people despite the difference in culture and Francis’ not speaking Korean ( he gave several talks in English but most of his talks were in Italian), it struck me that Francis communicates much more with his heart, his whole being rather than with words. His demeanor, his gestures, his smile all reflect his loving care for others.

In a very real way, I think that Pope Francis embodies the Incarnation of Jesus. That sharing of a common humanity with its joys and sorrows, it’s suffering and healing, it’s fears and it’s trust communicates Francis but it also communicates Jesus!

May each of us learn that quiet, humble, holy eloquence.

May God bless and keep you.