For a variety of reasons I haven’t written anything in a while. Thus the title.

I have always appreciated the Gospel passage about the storm at the Sea of Galilee and Jesus walking on the water toward the Apostles in their storm tossed boat.

I can very much identify with Peter who says ” if it is you Lord tell me to come to you on the water”. And Peter steps out of the boat and begins to walk toward Jesus. He is fine as long as he focuses on Jesus. But then he begins to look around!

Now he is in trouble. He becomes conscious of the wind, the waves, the water and he begins to sink. Then comes the panicked cry, “Lord, save me”.
And Jesus does. He rescues Peter and chides him for his weak faith or better for his lack of trust.

I can so identify! Yes,I step out in faith but I begin, after a short time, to be distracted by other things around me. And it is so easy to be distracted!
And I find myself sinking and floundering.

I suspect that I’m not the only one who experiences this reality. The challenge for each of us is to have the humility of Peter and to turn back to Jesus and cry for help. Sometimes I’m a little slow to do so; pride and stubbornness get in the way. Help me Jesus! Keep me from drowning in my
own agenda,in my own foolishness. May I always focus on You.

The Feast of Mary’s Assumption was celebrated on August 15th. What a wonderful reunion of Son and Mother. I reflect often on Mary’s patience.
That is such a wonderful virtue to have. She certainly wanted to be with her Son, Jesus, but she submitted to God’s timeframe. And while waiting she continued to serve the emerging Church.

Mary is so real. We can sometimes lose sight of that in failing to recognize her humanity. Mary is a mother with all the gifts and qualities that we love in our mothers. How beautiful is that relationship, that unity of Jesus and Mary,
of a Son with His Mother.

May each of us share in that unity! God bless and keep you.