Pope Francis certainly has a loving heart! He demonstrates it in so many ways and on numerous occasions. How often he kisses babies with smiling tenderness. The Pope has gently and reverently embraced with a loving kiss the sick, the deformed, the crippled.

I was touched by Pope Francis’ heartfelt cry for peace that he uttered after the Angelus yesterday. With all his heart he begged for an end to hostility and killing in Ukraine, Iraq, and The Middle East.

With deep emotion, the Pope spoke of the children who are victims, losing the joy of childhood, their futures put in doubt. The children orphaned by senseless killing, having only the rubble of war for toys, all these children fill the Holy Father’s heart and prayers. And he begs, “no more war!”

How can I, how can we have hearts that truly love? We have to empty ourselves of our own self interest, of our selfishness. We have to reflect on the Heart of Jesus Who invites us to love one another as He loves us. We have to pray that we will grow into that love: “Jesus, meek and humble of heart make our hearts like Yours”. Please believe that this prayer will be answered!

God bless and keep you.