We are being overwhelmed by television images of death and destruction in
Ukraine and the Holy Land. We read about Christians under attack in Nigeria. There is continuing unrest and terrorism in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

There have been various attempts by government officials and diplomats to broker peace talks and cease fire agreements all of which are failing.

All the people involved in these tragic events are children of God Who loves all of us. They are our sisters and brothers. We cannot be indifferent spectators to these events. Yes, these seem far away from us but we cannot be uninvolved. We are not diplomats or skilled negotiators but we do have a way to be involved effectively.

The power of prayer should never be underestimated. I believe that constant prayer with trust in God’s love and desire that we live in peace does bring about what we ask. Prayer is never futile. Prayer draws us ever closer to God and makes more aware of our relationship with those for whom we pray. Prayer is not political but it deepens our love for God and our sisters and brothers.

Please pray for peace! God does hear us.

God bless and keep you.