I am writing this while undergoing my dialysis treatment. I have dialysis three days a week ( Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for four hours and fifteen minutes a treatment.

Why do I call it a ” Grace”. Dialysis provides me with a time to pray and reflect; I use the time to keep up on Church news and especially the statements and various talks of Pope Francis.

For me the greatest gift of of dialysis is the constant reminder of a great truth. I am tethered to the machine which draws out and purifies my blood.
This is what keeps me alive. This is a constant example and reminder to me that I must always be tethered to God in order to have eternal life.

What a vivid and continuous call! Remain always connected to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My treatment becomes a prayer: Dear God keep me always
attached to You, with You is eternal life. Thank you for this continuing reminder, the Grace of Dialysis. Amen.